Your Comprehensive Face Lift Consultation

Your Comprehensive Face Lift Consultation

My Dallas face lift patients are often surprised to learn how many aspects of a person”s facial appearance are taken into consideration during a consultation. Multiple factors must be considered in order to develop a detailed surgical plan that will create the most natural-looking results. Some of the components I look for include:

  • Depth of wrinkles and lines: Those who are goods candidate for face lift surgery often display deep lines and creases in the lower to mid-face. Typically, this includes “smile lines” around the outer corners of the mouth.
  • Muscle bands: Loose skin on the face and neck occurs as a result of aging and is common among my face lift patients. To correct this issue, I may combine a face lift with a neck lift to smooth out lax muscle bands on the lower jaw and neck.
  • Areas of volume excess or loss: Youthful facial volume atrophies with age and is a sign that face lift surgery may be needed. To balance facial volume, I may remove or redistribute facial fat for optimal results.
  • Facial proportions: As we age, our facial proportions may change. Our eyes may appear smaller, our lips may thin, and our jawline may disappear. Restoring facial proportions is essential for a successful facelift and may require the use of additional procedures, such as facial implants.

Frequently, if patients aren”t ready for a traditional face lift, I advise them to wait until they become candidates. Individuals who are good candidates for this procedure are those who display many of the factors listed above, who are in good health, and who have realistic expectations about their results.

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