Face Lift or Laser Skin Rejuvenation?

Facelift or Long Island 'laser face lift?

Can you really “get away” with laser rejuvenation instead of eyelid surgery or a surgical facelift? I think a lot of Long Island laser centers would like you to think the results are the same, but in my experience that’s just not the case. Sure, some lasers can get pretty impressive results – I even offer one type of laser “facial” for minor wrinkles and skin tightening – but lasers just won’t address deeper concerns like a facelift does.

Neither a face lift nor laser rejuvenation is a “cookie cutter” procedure that will create the exact same results for every patient. Sometimes you might see a patient who’s dropped 10 years from her appearance with a laser procedure, but the truth is that most won’t be able to get the same kind of changes without actual surgery. Partly, this is because some patients just take care of their skin better, making it easy for it to “bounce back” from age-related sagginess, but also most of the time the biggest age-related changes go much deeper than the surface area that lasers correct.

Which Treatment – Questions to Ask:

  • Where’s the Problem? Most laser treatments make the biggest impact on fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, lips, and chin. Sometimes, a more intensive treatment can help tighten up facial sagginess in the forehead, neck, and jaw line, but for most patients surgery is still the most dependable choice for those concerns.
  • Is This Really an “Either/Or” Choice? Most patients are fine with just a laser treatment or just a facelift, but some patients will get much nicer results when they combine the two. Lasers and injectables usually aren’t a “must” for most facial surgery patients, but they can help deal with problems like skin quality and hollowness that facial surgery might not correct in depth.

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