How Face Implants Can Improve a Facelift

Some of my face lift patients in Toronto can also benefit from facial implants. When used in conjunction with a facelift, implants in the chin or cheeks can complement the procedure and help create a better balance between facial features. While building up previously deficient areas of your face, cheek and chin implants can achieve superior definition in a subtle and natural-looking way.

A facial plastic surgeon can design a facelift to create a smoother, more youthful and more alert facial appearance. Reinforcing your existing bone structure with implants enhances this effect by adding strength to previously weak features.

For example, chin augmentation using a chin implant can add shape to a previously underdeveloped chin. And cheek implants can create a fresher, more pronounced facial outline by enhancing the cheekbones. Every face is different, but implants can be customized to fit and enhance each person’s unique facial details.

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