Why Cheek Enhancement Matters

face lift and Long Island Surgery - cheek enhancement matters

I think it’s important to make face lift results look as genuinely “young” as I can make them, so I’m always on the lookout for new techniques and overlooked details that can add up to a much nicer result. For me, cheek enhancements are one of the really important procedures that might not be that dramatic, but can be important to make sure you get a nice, natural-looking result. Here’s why:

The Idea Behind Cheek Enhancement

Most face lift procedures focus on facial aging at two levels: the skin and the muscles. The problem is that for some patients, a lot of that “sagginess” happens somewhere in between, when the fat in the upper face falls, leaving the area around the eyes empty and hollow. Most facelifts don’t deal with that fat directly (a few do), but in most cases we just remove that fallen fat and tighten up the skin to hide the empty areas.

The problem: if you didn’t have much facial fat to begin with, it probably left your upper face looking gaunt and unhealthy. A facelift can help smooth out the wrinkles, but it won’t replace that fullness, which is why it can be so important to re-create that volume somehow.

Injectable fillers and even eyelid surgery on Long Island can dramatically improve the quality of results following a facelift because they help skin look smooth and firm, not just “tight.”

Cheek Enhancement Options

  • Injectables – If your skin quality is good, fillers like JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel are probably the best (and fastest) choice to restore volume. These fillers can smooth out the wrinkles and hollows around the eyes and cheeks, and help skin create the proteins it needs to look fuller.
  • Eyelid Surgery –Puffy lower eyelids and a deep “tear trough” can make firmer upper-facial tissues look hollow, so eyelid surgery on Long Island can help create a more genuinely younger look just by correcting both problems at once.
  • Laser Treatments – Since skin quality affects how well your tissues hide wrinkles and hollows, healthy skin makes a big difference in procedures like face lifts. Laser treatments help reverse sun damage and make thin skin firmer, helping to smooth over the hollow areas.

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