Evaluating a Plastic Surgeon Online

The Internet has changed the way people shop for plastic surgery. Word of mouth used to rule the industry, connecting patients with doctors, but now it seems a surgeon”s website is more important. Many of the patients I see in Long Island say their plastic surgeon hunting started online. If you”re searching for a surgeon, evaluating doctors” websites is a great way to begin. Here are some things I suggest you keep your eye out for:

  • Information: Check to see how much information the surgeons you”re interested in share on their websites. This should include details on which procedures they offer and specific techniques they use. My patients often mention, for example, that they learned something from one of my FAQ or procedure pages that they didn”t know before. Surgeons should also have information about themselves on their websites, including credentials, training, and experience. Some patients are looking for specialists in a certain field or surgeons who are certified by a certain board, and seeing that information online can narrow down the search.
  • Photos and videos: Many patients say that before-and-after photos are among the most valuable tools they use for choosing a surgeon. A thorough photo gallery shows off the work a surgeon can achieve, and it helps patients when they are able to find a past patient whose experience they can relate to. Videos are also a nice touch on a surgeon”s website. I use them as a way for potential patients to get to know me and see my personality before even coming into the office.
  • Convenience: Other things to look for on a surgeon’s website are features that make your search or your visit more convenient. A website can be more than just an online calling card; it can actually provide tools that cut down on waiting room time and paperwork. We provide links to various medical forms on our website and information on financing and insurance, as well as ways to contact us to ask questions and news updates when things change at our practice.

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