The Effects of Heat on Breast Implants

As summer heats up, many women who have had breast augmentation in Indiana have asked me about the effects of heat on their breast implants. This is an interesting and valid concern since breast implants do store heat, and many women notice that they feel warm to the touch after a hot bath or day in the sun. However, heat does not affect the implant itself and there is no risk of the implant “melting.” Only direct heat, such as a heating pad, may cause problems with your breast implants. This is because the heat raises the temperature of your breast implant from the inside out, and can (in extreme cases) cause the breast skin to burn. Although this is very rare, I still advise my patients to avoid applying direct heat to their breast implants for an extended period of time.

Exposure to UV rays poses no additional threat to the breast implant, but precautions should be taken to avoid the risk of sunburn and/or skin cancer. Apply a broad spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen liberally to protect your skin while you’re out enjoying your new body in the summer sun.

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