Dry Eye Syndrome: A Part of Desert Living

Almost every eye doctor in Las Vegas will tell you that dry eye syndrome is one of the most common concerns they treat. The warm, dry and windy climate makes this common condition even more of an issue for Las Vegas area residents. The redness, irritation and discomfort that come from dry eye syndrome actually don’t have to do with the quantity of tears produced. In fact, many dry eye sufferers have excessively watery eyes.

The problem lies in the quality of the tears the eye produces. For a variety of reasons, particularly age, the body may produce tears that contain less oil and thus have a less lubricant quality. The climate in our area can be a cause or a contributor to dry eye syndrome. Contact lenses may also be a cause, as they can absorb much of the eye’s natural lubrication. Dry eye syndrome causes discomfort, and may result in damage to the cornea if not treated. Options for treatment include:

  • Artificial tears, which come in numerous, effective formulations
  • Punctual plugs, which block the tear drain so that tears remain in the eye, keeping it moist
  • Oral medications to improve the lubrication of the eye

Your eye doctor may also be able to recommend lifestyle changes to help you manage your dry eye syndrome so you can feel better and preserve your vision.

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