Preparing Your Family for Your Breast Augmentation

The decision to have breast augmentation in Indianapolis is a very personal one, and it’s one only you can make.

However, you’re not the only one who will be affected by it. Your friends and family members will have their own feelings and opinions about your choice for cosmetic enhancement, and sometimes this can create conflict. In order to reduce tension and prepare your family for your decision, I recommend the following strategies:

  • Don’t surprise your family with your new look. Discuss your surgery with family members and allow them to express their feelings, fears and hesitations. This is especially important for children who are old enough to be aware of the change, particularly impressionable teens.
  • Allow your family to come with you to your initial consultation. This way, they can ask the surgeon questions and feel assured and informed about the procedure.
  • Do your research. Know the risks and benefits associated with breast augmentation so your family knows you are making and educated choice.
  • Listen to their concerns openly and patiently. Open communication between family members is essential to having a great recovery and enjoying your results. Remember that many people react to the idea of plastic surgery in Indianapolis with fear. If they are unaccepting of your decision, it may be due to a lack of understanding on their parts or misconceptions they have about the procedure.
  • Choose a qualified surgeon. This will help reduce many of the fears or worries your family may have about your safety.

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