Types of Breast Lift Incisions

Women are often surprised to see how I can customize a procedure to match a person’s body type and specific cosmetic needs. When performing a breast lift in Indiana, the type of incision I use depends on the degree of lifting that is required.

Understanding your options can help you determine which method is best for you. Here’s an explanation of the two most common incision types for breast lifts:

  • Anchor-shaped incision – This gives surgeons the greatest freedom for removing skin and reshaping the breasts. Although it is the most extensive option, many patients opt for it because it provides the opportunity to create the most dramatic results.
  • Concentric (donut) incision – This method can be performed with or without a vertical incision. Patients who have the concentric incision benefit from minimal scarring, but the extent of change will likely not be as great as for those who choose an anchor-shaped incision.

Although these options are the most common among my patients, other approaches are sometimes used to best fit the woman’s needs and lifestyle.

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