Deviated Septum: More Than an Excuse

When you hear of an actress (such as Jennifer Aniston) who is reported to have had nose surgery for a “deviated septum,” you may be in the camp that believes such a condition is only an excuse for a self-conscious star to get a new look. But the fact is that a deviated septum is much more than an excuse for cosmetic surgery; it is a legitimate condition that often requires surgical intervention.

The nasal septum is the wall of thin bone and cartilage between the nostrils. Almost everyone has a slightly crooked septum (deviated septum) due to genetics or injury, but most people will not require surgery to correct it. However, when the septum is very crooked, people may experience breathing difficulties or problems with snoring.

When difficulty breathing and snoring become too pronounced, many doctors will recommend a septoplasty to straighten the nasal septum. In correcting a deviated septum, skilled plastic surgeons will often produce a nose that is visibly straighter and more attractive. After all, a plastic surgeon should have a talent for combining function and aesthetics in every procedure that they perform. I find this is especially so for my San Diego rhinoplasty patients.

Celebrities may have noses that look great after surgery, but that doesn’t mean their procedures were completely cosmetic. I don’t think anyone can fault a person for wanting to breathe easier.

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