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Colorado Face Lift

The face lift is considered a “classic” of cosmetic surgery, and has been performed for generations. The procedure has evolved over time, and has seen significant improvements, particularly in the last few decades. Traditional facelift surgery is considered the “gold standard” for improving the signs of aging in the lower face and jaw line, with results that are typically significant and lasting.

However, just because facelift surgery is popular and routinely performed, it is not by any means a simple procedure. To achieve a beautiful, natural looking facial rejuvenation, the surgeon must have a highly refined level of technical skill as well as aesthetic sensibility. Unfortunately, potential facelift patients are often targeted by marketing that is not entirely straightforward, claiming minimized discomfort, reduced scarring, and innovative new approaches which may or may not be new or effective.

Our Denver plastic surgery practice has established a Web site devoted entirely to Denver facelift surgery and related facial procedures. Here, patients can find detailed information on a variety of facial procedures, what to expect in terms of recovery and results, as well as a full photo gallery and links to further patient resources.

To help our patients clearly understand both traditional and mini facelift procedures, as well as traditional and mini brow lift, the site features a Step-by-Step Surgery Guide that provides detailed diagrams and descriptions of each approach. The guide walks you through every step of each procedure, using specially designed drawings to illustrate the details of each different approach. This guide is particularly helpful for patients who may be trying to decide which procedure will best suit their needs.

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