Top 5 Things to Look for in a Breast Reduction Surgeon

Breast Reduction Near Danville

Most women have no trouble finding a Walnut Creek or Danville area breast reduction surgeon – the difficulty is in finding one who offers results that flatter their body contour. When I’ve talked with women considering breast reduction, I’ve found that sometimes it can be difficult for them to translate their personal priorities – results, cost, and healthy healing – into specific questions to ask about potential surgeons.

Here are five characteristics that you should factor into your choice of surgeon:

1 – Training: Board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery is an absolute must for a qualified surgeon, but it is not a total guarantee that your surgeon knows the ins and outs of cosmetic breast surgery. A skilled Walnut Creek or Danville area breast reduction plastic surgeon will have expanded his or her knowledge base through participation in additional research fellowships, extensive training seminars, or active involvement in accredited surgical training programs.

2 – Safety standards: Many plastic surgeons perform some procedures in their own surgical care facilities, and while some surgeons use this independence as an opportunity to establish particularly high standards for safety and patient comfort, others are less attentive to the safety and quality of the experience they provide. Be wary of surgeons whose staff or surgical centers demonstrate carelessness.

3 – “Feminine,” natural-looking results: Some patients mistakenly believe that all breast reductions will be performed the same way, but because each patient’s existing anatomy is unique, care and attention are necessary to ensure a more “round” shape. For certain Danville area breast reduction patients, some “spreading” of the breast tissues is natural and unavoidable, but when you look at your surgeon’s breast reduction photos, evaluate for yourself whether he or she seems capable of creating a result that is not only “better,” but also feminine, natural, and attractive.

4 – Nipple-sparing techniques: For Walnut Creek and Danville area breast reduction, breast lift, and breast augmentation, good nipple position is extremely important for attractive results. For very large breasts that sag severely, your surgeon may need to remove and reposition the nipple, but this diminishes nipple sensation and in many cases is not necessary, even if it is a faster and “easier” approach.

5 – Honest feedback about your goals: A surgeon who is committed to your wellbeing will pay attention to factors beyond the technical aspects of your surgery itself and spend some time to get to know you and your goals. It takes effort to help patients formulate expectations that respect the limitations of their procedure along with its benefits, but an honest surgeon will be straightforward and specific about both.

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