One Size Fits You: The Customizability of Cosmetic Surgery

One Size Fits You: The Customizability of Cosmetic Surgery

There is no universal approach to cosmetic surgery. A good surgeon tailors his or her approach to fit the unique needs of each patient. This benefits patients because they end up with results that look natural and fit their body types. Consider, for instance the many decisions that must be made for patients interested in breast implants.

At my practice serving Westchester County and New York, I try to lead patients through all their many options, including the location of the incision, the material of the implants, and the size and shape. A good doctor guides the patient to make the best choices by discussing the variable factors that make one option better than another. A doctor can make recommendations based on a patient’s health, body type, and goals, as well as the doctor’s extensive experience and knowledge of the implants available on the market. Each breast augmentation patient has a different health history and different ideas about what is beautiful, so the high level of customization available for the procedure helps lead to high patient satisfaction.

The vast array of options available for plastic surgery can sometimes lead to confusion, though, as well as expectations that are out of line with what can work for a certain patient’s body. With breast augmentation, for instance, I often consult with patients who come in expecting a certain type of incision or a specific implant size, but the expectations may not work best for their body types. For this reason, it is important that patients choose experienced surgeons who are committed to engaging in honest discussions so that patient goals end up matching with the final results.

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