Crowdfunding Your Breast Implants

Crowdfunding Your Breast Implants

There”s a cosmetic surgery website that”s getting a lot of attention lately and that was inspired by a pair of friends” visit to Las Vegas. As a plastic surgeon who offers breast implants in Las Vegas, I decided to look into it. Turns out, has made quite a splash in the media over the past few years.

The website is an online network where women can collect donations for their breast augmentation surgeries. Women can create an account, select from a network of plastic surgeons, and start collecting funds from donors around the world. The funds are paid by to the plastic surgeon of choice.

The idea developed after some friends visited Las Vegas for a bachelor party. A conversation about the cost of breast implants among some of the men and one of their cocktail waitresses led to the men helping her not only pay for 20% of her implants but also drum up the financial support to pay for her entire procedure. So was born.

Among other questions that come to mind, I wonder whether this idea will generate other similar social funding efforts or expand to encompass other surgical procedures. This could lead to an increase in cosmetic surgical procedures among those who otherwise wouldn”t have considered it because of cost.

Of course, it also raises questions about ethics and safety. Patients should be cautious of bargain surgery offers. Even if a website says a surgeon is qualified, you want to do your own research to make sure you are getting a trained and experienced surgeon, not just an affordable procedure.

You can find out whether your plastic surgeon is board certified by visiting The American Board of Plastic Surgery”s .

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