3 Ways to Avoid Cosmetic Surgery “Addiction”

Learn how to avoid plastic surgery addiction from Boston plastic surgery expert.

With the death of Michael Jackson and other celebrities known for cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery “addiction” has been on a lot of people’s minds. While thousands of people have cosmetic surgery in Boston every year without becoming obsessive about it, I think it’s still a good idea to think carefully about your priorities and be on the watch for the kind of mindset that can lead to problems.

True addiction to changing the body through cosmetic surgery is pretty rare, but here are three things to think about to ensure a healthy and reasonable result.

1. Set your goals for “one” change

While multiple surgical procedures can be completely necessary (I perform many combination procedures for women and men after weight loss, for example), most patients who are trying to look natural will be focused more on specific, manageable goals like “I want my breasts and buttocks to look balanced” or “I want my thighs to look more like they did before I had children.” Focused goals like this actually make it easier for you to aim for results that look appropriate.

2. Know why “perfect” results and results that are “perfect for you”
aren’t the same thing

Some patients become dependent on plastic surgery because they expect “perfection” from the beginning, while others get fixated on correcting “problems” that don’t exist. Either way, it’s a big mistake to think (or to trust someone who lets you think) that perfection is actually possible. Beauty is about balance, but also about highlighting the features that make you unique. A truly skilled surgeon will aim for results that are “perfect for you” and match your body, rather than disregarding your natural beauty in favor of an ideal that’s just not attainable.

3. Be demanding…of yourself

You expect your surgeon to commit plenty of time and effort to make sure the results of your cosmetic surgery in Boston are everything you want them to be, and you should be willing to make the same kind of commitment. Good plastic surgeons make surgery and recovery as easy as possible for you, but you will still need to devote time and effort to make your surgery a success. Be willing to examine your desires closely and strive to keep your goals as realistic as possible.

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