Cosmetic Procedures Not Just for the Wealthy

Plastic surgery in Dallas and beyond is not just for wealthy patients.

Despite the argument that comes up from time to time (and currently is being forwarded by some professionals in the tanning industry), it’s not just wealthy Americans who benefit from cosmetic surgery. In fact, the majority of people choosing cosmetic or plastic surgery fall squarely in the middle class, in Dallas and elsewhere.

Many in the tanning industry are upset now that a tax in the health care legislation making its way through Congress has been changed from a tax on cosmetic procedures to a tax on tanning bed sessions. Instead of fighting the tax on its merits (or lack thereof), some are pointing the finger back at cosmetic plastic surgery. In the Dallas market where I see patients, people come from all walks of life, making the stereotype of the wealthy housewife that much more offensive and out of touch with reality.

Just One Example

As women age, despite social status or tax bracket, their bodies change. For most women, this becomes evident with drooping or sagging breasts. As with many signs of aging, there”s a cosmetic surgery procedure to combat this change: a breast lift. My breast lift patients – who, by the way, represent a broad socioeconomic range – discover a whole new confidence once they have their youthful breasts back. It’s a change that enriches the rest of their lives and is as meaningful for women without a lot of money as it is for very wealthy women.

The so-called “Bo-tax” didn’t make it into the healthcare reform legislation because enough people all across the country recognized its fundamental unfairness. Congress made the right call, keeping cosmetic surgery procedures affordable for the broad range of women and men choosing them.

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