Twice is Nice: 3 Reasons I Offer 2 Consultations Before Surgery

Las Vegas cosmetic surgery consultations - why two is better than one

Unlike a lot of other doctors, I provide two consultations prior to performing surgery. Why? My goal is to create a positive experience for patients considering cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas and help them feel completely comfortable with the decision to have cosmetic surgery. Here”s why two is better than one:

1. More Questions, More Answers

I”ve found that many questions come up after the initial consultation, so the second pre-surgery meeting provides the opportunity to address these concerns. Many people are understandably so excited or anxious about surgery that they may forget to ask crucial questions about pre-surgical and aftercare procedures. The success of a cosmetic procedure often depends on following pre- and post-surgical instructions carefully, and the second consultation provides an opportunity for my patients to get clarification.

2. In-Depth Explanations

Scheduling two consultations before surgery enables me to fully explain the details of the procedure, including what will happen during surgery, the level of discomfort typical of the procedure, and any complications that may occur. I can also adequately address the pre- and post-surgical periods, including how to prepare for surgery, how long recovery will take, and what follow-up, if any, will be necessary.

3. A Second Health Checkup

It is essential to monitor health issues and check for changes in your medical status prior to undergoing cosmetic surgery. As with all surgery, there are risks involved, and I feel I can appropriately identify potential complications only if I have a thorough understanding of your medical background. Existing conditions can affect the results of surgery and could even increase the chance of complications.

I think more cosmetic surgeons will be spending more time evaluating patient health prior to surgery, and I suspect this will make sense for a lot of practices in the context of a second consultation. In fact, California legislators recently introduced a bill that would require cosmetic surgery patients to have a physical exam before elective surgery to ensure they are fit and healthy. This seems like a no-brainer to me, and I imagine many other states will follow suit.

Putting It All Together

Las Vegas and Henderson plastic surgery patients should discuss all pre-existing medical conditions with their surgeon to identify potential risks. It is essential that you feel safe and in competent hands, and that the surgery is a positive, personalized experience. Every person is different, so an experienced plastic surgeon will take the time in consultation to understand your specific medical history, desired surgical results, and concerns or anxieties regarding the procedure and recovery process.

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