Cosmetic Surgery After a Breakup?

A recent Washington Post article caught my attention. It discussed post-breakup plastic surgery. The article concerned me for many reasons, most notably the fact that these women were choosing plastic surgery with unrealistic expectations and were doing so during a particularly vulnerable time. If you are in a troubled emotional state and are considering cosmetic surgery in San Diego, here is my advice.

Take Time to Recover

The old adage is true: time heals all wounds. Although losing or leaving a partner is never easy, taking the time to fully experience your emotions (rather than simply reacting to them) is a necessary step that will help you make decisions with a clear mind.

Think Seriously About What YOU Want

Plastic surgery should be a choice that you make for yourself—not to please someone else. Think about why you want to change. Is it because you are afraid of never meeting “The One?” If your desire for plastic surgery is rooted in fear, consider that a red flag. Changing your appearance is a serious decision that should be based on your personal desire for self-improvement.

Research Your Options

If you have given yourself enough time to heal and have chosen cosmetic surgery for your own personal goals, then it’s time to discuss your options with a qualified professional. Make sure to do your research and find a surgeon you connect with and trust. Many surgeons, including myself, offer complimentary consultations to discuss your personal goals, motivations for surgery, and procedural choices.

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