A Conservative Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

A Conservative Approach to Facial Rejuvenation

As a board-certified facial plastic surgeon, I understand that sometimes the most effective solution is a non-surgical treatment. In fact, I prefer to postpone surgery if less invasive treatments can adequately address a person’s cosmetic needs. Some of my favorite non-surgical treatments for both my Boston and international patients are BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers, and non-invasive skin tightening.

Simply put, I think it’s important to be conservative and gently address each aspect of facial aging to achieve harmonious results. Patients should look natural, relaxed and youthful, without any signs of cosmetic enhancement. During each consultation, I explain what options are available for achieving this goal and then provide my recommendation for creating natural-looking, lasting results.

BOTOX is the perfect treatment to alleviate crow’s feet, frown lines, sagging brows, downturned mouth corners, fine lines, and lip and forehead creases. One of the key components I teach as a National Education Faculty Member in the artistry of BOTOX is the importance of injecting just the right dosage in the right location within the appropriate tiny facial muscles. It takes a lot of experience and knowledge that we obtain during and after our 7 years of facial plastic surgery training in residencies and fellowships to fully know and understand every aspect of the facial musculature in order to achieve superbly natural and youthful results. When done properly, following treatment, patients should be able to make the full range of natural facial expressions, while looking refreshed, with no telltale signs!

Non-surgical treatments are extremely effective at providing just the right level of enhancement. I recommend seeking out the advice of a board-certified facial plastic surgeon to determine the best solution for a certain set of cosmetic concerns.

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