Conquer Your Fear of the Dentist’s Chair

We’ve all seen it a countless number of times, the tense expression on someone’s face as they say, “I have to go to the dentist today.” It almost always elicits a sympathetic response, because it’s something that many of us can relate to – a deeply rooted fear of dental work.

Any dentist can explain in great detail the importance of dental care and, to make it easier for people to get the treatment they need, some of us have developed ways to make your experience in the dentist’s chair more comfortable. Here are some examples drawn from my own experience as a Los Angeles dentist.

  • Your appointment begins from the moment you enter the lobby, long before the actual dental work. Soothing music, a colorful aquarium and comfortable décor can help you feel relaxed. Keeping a smoothly-running schedule and seeing patients on time eliminates unnecessary frustration.
  • You can wear virtual reality glasses to watch your favorite movie during treatment. This distraction makes it difficult to worry about the procedure being performed.
  • There are several options for minimizing anxiety and discomfort during dental work. These options include “twilight sleep,” a method of IV sedation that leaves you conscious, yet relaxed and pain-free. You may also want to consider nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or oral anti-anxiety medication.

Choosing a dentist in Beverly Hills that offers these (or similar) options is a great first step toward conquering your fear of dental work. If, on the other hand, you’d like to stay with your current dentist, it can be helpful to have a candid discussion about your anxiety and see what tools are available at their practice to help set you at ease.

The bottom line is that dental care is essential to your health and your appearance, so your dentist should work with you to make it as comfortable as possible.

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