A Formula with Great Results

Over the years I have performed thousands of procedures where we used BOTOX® Cosmetic and JUVÉDERM® to turn back the clock of aging naturally.  As a result, I’ve learned one very valuable lesson:

complete enhancement minimal maintenance botoxBOTOX + Injectable Fillers = More Comprehensive Results

BOTOX and dermal fillers cooperate well. BOTOX corrects dynamic wrinkles, caused by muscle contractions. Meanwhile, dermal fillers restore volume and promote collagen production. This 2-pronged approach is a great way to achieve what we like to call “full correction” in the aesthetic industry. Each of these alone can yield great results, but together they make a really powerful and natural combination. After a quick consultation, any of our providers at Suzanne Bruce and Associates will be able to build the right treatment plan for your unique needs. For example some patients may need more BOTOX, then filler or vice versa.

“Topping Off” Fillers Maximizes Results

Remember to schedule additional injectable filler treatments while your initial results are still present. Staying on top of your treatments in this way can both enhance and prolong the volume created by dermal fillers. “Topping off” won’t create a noticeable difference in your facial appearance, because you’ll be maintaining your original results for longer, thus ultimately stretching your total budget and getting more value. In short, saving long-term and looking better for longer.

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