Combining Fat Transfer with BOTOX® Cosmetic

Fat transfer has been in the news lately as more plastic surgeons are using it not just for the face but for hand rejuvenation.

Typically, fat transfer is used to transplant fat from another area on the body to the face, adding volume to the cheeks or lips or to fill in wrinkles. In this way, fat transfer is similar to dermal fillers. However, the results of fat transfer last much longer.

Just like dermal fillers, fat transfer cannot treat every type of facial wrinkle. Dynamic wrinkles, or those caused by frequent muscle contractions, can often benefit more from a different option. BOTOX® Cosmetic for my Tucson patients tends to be the most helpful solution for wrinkles caused by facial movements such as frowning or laughing. Crow’s feet and lines on the forehead, for example, generally become minimized with BOTOX Cosmetic. In some cases, I combine a filler with BOTOX for a more complete solution.

By injecting the nasolabial folds (the lines between your nose and the corners of your mouth) with fat, the lower face looks much more youthful. Fat transfer can also diminish under-eye hollows and can add youthful volume to the cheeks. When combined with BOTOX Cosmetic on the brow, wrinkles are comprehensively reduced across the face, making you look years younger.

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