Combining Breast Augmentation and Lift Procedures

In my years of practicing plastic surgery in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, I have observed the many benefits of combining breast augmentation with breast lift. While not every woman needs both procedures, in many cases, the combination of these two creates optimal, lasting results.

Breast augmentation alone can exacerbate existing sagging by adding the weight of an implant. If a woman chooses breast lift alone to correct drooping breasts, she may not be satisfied with her breast volume after the procedure. These are just some of the reasons so many women choose to combine the two procedures.

Clinical Support

The January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery® reports that combined breast lift and augmentation procedures are equally safe and successful as those procedures performed individually. But additional benefits exist.

Patient Safety

There are certain risks with any surgical procedure. Completing operations in one stage reduces chances of complications.


If procedures are performed individually, there may be a time of dissatisfaction with the results until the additional surgery is performed. Undergoing breast lift and augmentation at the same time provides you with a more satisfying outcome sooner.


Most major surgery requires a certain amount of time away from work and certain activities. Combining the procedures means a consolidated recovery, saving you time.


Combining breast augmentation and lift procedures generally saves patients money. For example, if performed separately, anesthesia and facility costs are included for each procedure. Combined procedures are generally less expensive than individual operations. Plus, less time away from work, means minimal lost income.

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