Breast Lift & Reduction: Is Combination Surgery Right for You?

For certain patients, a single breast enhancement procedure will “get the job done” and create a satisfying breast contour. For others, combination breast lift and breast reduction procedures can restore the breasts more thoroughly in the long-term than a Los Angeles or Beverly Hills breast reduction alone. How do you know the difference, and more importantly, which of these options is best for you?

At my practice I take the time to educate my patients so that they understand why I recommend a particular approach. Here are two steps to help you decide whether combination breast enhancement surgery is right for you.

Step 1: Identify Your Current Breast Shape

Women who are considering breast lift or breast reduction in Los Angeles generally have larger breasts which, because of their size, will sag more than small or average-sized breasts. When you are forming goals about your new breast shape, consider the following factors:

  • Degree of ptosis (sag) – Where does the main curve of the breast mound rest, in comparison to your rib line and the breast crease?
  • Current position of the nipple – Does it appear to rest an inch or two above the bottom visible edge of the breast, or does it point downward?
  • Condition of the breast skin – Is your breast skin too loose to hold the breast mound in a round shape? Even large breasts can have a “pancake” look when extra skin fails to hold them in a pleasing curve.

Step 2: Understand Your Options

Different surgical procedures have primary and secondary effects, so it”s important for you to understand why the different surgeries work the way they do.

The main purpose of breast reduction surgery in Los Angeles or Pasadena is to remove excess tissue, but this often produces tighter skin that can create a slight lifting effect as well. However, for significant sagging or breasts with thin or inelastic tissue, breast reduction may not have this effect because when the fat is removed, the skin may not be enough to support the breasts, and many breast reduction approaches alone do not correct for downward-pointing nipples.

Breast lift removes excess skin from below the breast and, if necessary, repositions the nipple to retain a proportional look. Sometimes breast lift has a slightly minimizing effect because it reduces the apparent width of the breast and may slightly reduce its total volume. However, because breast lift focuses on the skin rather than on excess fatty or glandular tissue, it may not significantly reduce the weight or size of the breasts.

The bottom line: for moderately large breasts with very minimal sagging and well-positioned nipples, reduction may be sufficient, and for sagging, thin-skinned breasts that do not have excessive volume, a breast lift alone might be enough. To address multiple cosmetic concerns though, a combination approach such as the Stevens Stevens Laserbra breast reduction in Beverly Hills is generally preferable and leads to a satisfying result for both the short and long term.

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