Choosing the Right Breast Size

Selecting the proper implant size for your breast augmentation in Dallas is more than simply a matter of personal preference. Although your individual taste is important, physical attributes also influence what implant size will give you the best results. Three features that I take into consideration when evaluating patients are:

  • Current Breast Dimensions

Your current breast dimensions play an important role in determining which implant size and profile best suits you. Normally, I measure the width of a woman’s chest and the distance between her breasts. This helps me gauge the dimensions of the implant pocket, which I will create during surgery to hold the implants. It also gives me an idea of what size implant the existing breast tissue can accommodate.

  • Skin Elasticity

In general, the more pliable the skin, the larger the implant can be. Because skin and tissue are needed to cover the implant properly, women with poor skin elasticity who do not have a lot of breast tissue are not well-suited for larger implant sizes. This does not mean that all women with these characteristics cannot have large implants, but the results may not be as natural looking.

  • Body Type

A woman’s body frame, including her height, weight and chest width, must be considered. Women who are naturally petite may want to choose smaller implants, since larger implants may cause excessive stretching and thinning of the breast skin and tissue. Taller women with wider chests, however, can usually support bigger implants.

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