Cellulaze™ & SmoothShapes® to Enhance Liposuction Results

When I perform liposuction in San Jose and Palo Alto, I want my patients to be overjoyed with their results. Liposuction is about more than just reduction; it is also about creating smooth contours and a toned appearance. Smartlipo™, which uses a tiny laser beam beneath the surface of the skin to gently dislodge fat cells for easier removal, can be very effective at eliminating small pockets of excess fat and providing some skin tightening in the treated area.

However, when a patient is also troubled by cellulite – the bumpy, dimpled, “cottage cheese” texture – something extra may be needed to achieve a smooth, satisfying contour. This is where Cellulaze and SmoothShapes can help.

When a patient needs that little something extra, I use Cellulaze and SmoothShapes at my cosmetic surgery practices near San Jose (Palo Alto and Los Gatos) to enhance the results of traditional liposuction or Smartlipo procedures.

During a Cellulaze treatment, a tiny device is inserted under the skin. This device uses laser energy to cut and release the fibrous bands of connective tissue that pull down on the skin and cause the unsightly indentations often associated with cellulite. The laser energy also works to improve skin texture and elasticity by stimulating the production of collagen. Gradually, in the months that follow Cellulaze treatment, the skin will develop better tone with fewer surface irregularities as more collagen is produced by the body.

SmoothShapes is an additional treatment for improving the appearance of cellulite. It combines dynamic laser and light energy with vacuum and massage to create a smoother skin surface. This is often the “icing on the cake” in producing truly remarkable liposuction results.

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