The Celebrity Factor: How A-Listers Influence Plastic Surgery

Austin plastic surgeon shares his take on how celebrities influence plastic surgery.

There is little doubt celebrities influence plastic surgery trends, the same way they do with pop culture fads and fashion. We hear the names of certain stars on almost a daily basis at our Austin plastic surgery practice., an online cosmetic enhancement forum where patients can exchange information and get answers from qualified plastic surgeons, recently gathered data from its site to determine which celebrities inspired specific cosmetic procedures. RealSelf did this by matching the famous names mentioned the most by patients asking about specific procedures. You can check out this Time story to see who topped the list.

At our practice, we believe there’s nothing wrong with looking to the rich and famous for inspiration, as long as patients remember that what might be right for one person’s body isn’t always what’s right for their own. Additionally, celebrity plastic surgery trends sometimes don’t last much longer than fashion fads, so we often talk to our patients who say they want to look just like a certain star about whether they have thought about the long term.

Before undergoing any procedure, it’s critical for patients to consult with an experienced, board-qualified plastic surgeon to discuss what’s appropriate for their bodies and to ponder whether cosmetic surgery is really something they want to pursue.

That RealSelf research we mentioned above also turned up this interesting fact: The majority of people who talked about plastic surgery on the forum said nothing about celebrities. Most just wanted to improve something they didn’t feel confident about. That’s usually at the heart of most of our patient’s goals, too, and we’re glad to discuss those motivations.

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