Causes of Abdominal Muscle Separation – and a Solution

Most people who are good candidates for tummy tuck surgery have developed diastasis recti, meaning the abdominal muscles have separated. Here are 3 common causes of diastasis recti:

  • Pregnancy: Diastasis recti is most common in women. That’s due to pregnancy, which obviously puts a great deal of stress on the abdominal muscles. Multiple pregnancies further weaken the abdominal wall, stretching the connective tissue between the left and right abdominal muscles.
  • Obesity: Men are not immune to muscle separation. Obesity causes diastasis recti in both men and women, pushing the abdominal muscles out from the inside.
  • Aging: Muscles weaken with time, especially if they are not exercised. Even with exercise, keeping muscles toned becomes more difficult as we get older, due in part to hormonal changes. When it comes to muscle separation, age can compound the negative effects of pregnancy or weight gain.

There is no significant research that shows abdominal muscle separation can be corrected with exercise. A tummy tuck is the only effective, reliable solution for correcting the bulging abdomen associated with diastasis recti.

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