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Evaluating a Plastic Surgeon Online

The Internet has changed the way people shop for plastic surgery. Word of mouth used to rule the industry, connecting patients with doctors, but now it seems a surgeon”s website is more important. Many of the patients I see in Long Island say their plastic surgeon hunting started online. If you”re searching for a surgeon, evaluating doctors” websites is a…

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How Adding or Removing Fat Can Help a Facelift

One interesting and advanced technique we use for plastic surgery at our Palm Springs-area practice is to make adjustments to facial fat during a facelift. A traditional facelift addresses lax muscles and excess skin, but we find it can also be very effective to remove facial fat using liposuction or to add it via a fat transfer from elsewhere on…

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Getting to Know Your Plastic Surgeon

Board certification, quality credentials, experience with your chosen procedure — there are plenty of things to look for when choosing a plastic surgeon. But my Portland patients understand that there’s another important factor to consider: the human factor. Plastic surgery is a big decision, and forging a real connection with your doctor is a necessary step to achieve the results…

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The Spectrum of Plastic Surgery Practices

Browsing plastic surgery websites can illustrate the range of approaches different practices take to communicate with potential patients. You’ve probably noticed the differences if you spent a bit of time online researching plastic surgery. Whether you’re in Tucson or Tuscaloosa, plastic surgeons offer distinct styles on their websites. See if these sound familiar: The Textbook Approach — Some surgeons offer…

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Is the Season for Plastic Surgery Approaching?

One common question I hear at our Albany plastic surgery practice is, “When is the best time of year to get a cosmetic procedure?” As the seasons change, many people start to contemplate whether it might be time for a change to their bodies, as well. All procedures can work at any time of year depending on your lifestyle, but here are…

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