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3 Things Your Plastic Surgeon Should Have

There are many factors that come into play when considering a plastic surgeon in San Jose, where I practice, or elsewhere in the United States. You might be swayed by a top-of-the-line office filled with leading-edge equipment. Or maybe a location that’s convenient to your home or office will win you over. While these are certainly good things to look…

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miraDry®: A Solution for Excessive Underarm Sweating

Sweating is your body”s internal air conditioner. It”s the way our body cools itself. For a lot of people, though, excess sweating can be an embarrassing distraction. And by a lot, I mean millions. That”s right, 1 out of 5 Americans say they sweat excessively. Until recently, the options for treating excessive underarm sweating were either short-term solutions requiring repeated…

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The Value of an Open, Honest Plastic Surgeon

At my plastic surgery practice in San Jose, I make it my mission to ensure each of my patients is fully educated about his or her chosen surgery — and I spare no detail. Nitty-gritty topics including incision care, pricing, and potential complications aren’t always fun to talk about, but I think it’s important that all of my patients know…

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Plastic Surgery Newsletters: Valuable or Junk?

Many plastic surgery practices offer an online newsletter for their current and future patients. We all likely understand the desire to keep spam out of our email inboxes, but I’d like to set the record straight here — newsletter emails are far from junk mail. Our Long Island plastic surgery practice works hard to craft newsletters each month or so…

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The Importance of Social Media in Plastic Surgery

Everyone seems to be on Facebook these days, from your high school sweetheart to your favorite restaurant. Social media has changed the way people interact with one another, and it’s also changed the way companies and organizations interact with the public. As a plastic surgeon, I understand that my patients from Palo Alto and other cities throughout the Silicon Valley…

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