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Does a Surgeon’s Area of Expertise Matter?

Occasionally I hear someone suggest that it’s better to choose a plastic surgeon who specializes in one procedure, rather than a physician who has experience in a wide range of plastic surgery options. In Birmingham, where I practice, I have found it to be beneficial to have experience with a thorough range of procedures, but there are also qualities that…

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An Organic Approach to Plastic Surgery

The term “organic” seems to have crept into many aspects of our culture, from our food to our clothes to the processes of building and manufacturing. Now the mindset of reusing natural things in new ways has even made it into our plastic surgery practice, through fat grafting. During this process, we perform liposuction at our Austin practice to remove…

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Why the Best Answer Is Sometimes ‘No’

Some of the best advice I have to offer plastic surgery patients is to be OK with the word “no.” Trust me — there is a positive motivation behind it. In my many years as a plastic surgeon near Vancouver, I have performed numerous revision surgeries for the face, breasts, and body, often because somewhere along the line another surgeon…

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Why Options Are Crucial for Cosmetic Surgery

Some of my Palo Alto-area plastic surgery patients have expressed concern that plastic surgery isn’t customized enough to fit their needs. They worry about appearing overly “done” after their procedures or altering their natural features too much. I acknowledge their concerns, and that’s why I think it’s important for surgeons to offer plenty of options to fit each patient’s goals and…

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Eat Well, Look Good: What to Put in Your Grocery Cart

Patients at our Austin plastic surgery practice sometimes ask what they can do at home to maintain the results of a surgical procedure or simply to help themselves look young and beautiful. One of the best ways to maintain your beauty — and your health — is to keep your diet balanced. You’ve probably heard about the cosmetic benefits of…

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