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Ask the Doctor: What You Should Know About Facelift Surgery

Patients contemplating getting a facelift at my Champaign-Urbana plastic surgery center share a lot of common questions: How quickly will I recover? Will I be able to go back to work and do routine activities within a week? How long will my results last? Do I have any other alternatives? Will everyone know that I’ve had a facelift? So why…

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Could a Non-Surgical Nose Job Really Work?

Like other cosmetic plastic surgeons in Bloomington, IL, I know all too well that we all have things we don’t like about our appearance. It might be our hair, our smile, a blanket of sun spots that muddy our complexion, or a nasal hump that makes us uneasy when we look in the mirror. The aesthetic industry works hard to…

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Why Less Isn’t Always Best

Sometimes my patients from around Boston say the plastic surgeons they’ve seen tout minimally invasive or non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as injectable dermal fillers, as suitable alternatives to facial surgery. Although these products can often make a measurable difference, it’s not quite accurate to market them on the same level as procedures such as facelift or eyelid surgery. Non-surgical treatments…

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How I Define Plastic Surgeon

What do you think of when you think of a plastic surgeon? Although any doctor who studied and trained in the field is technically a plastic surgeon, the practical aspect of plastic surgery is only part of what defines us. At my Houston plastic surgery practice, I strive to combine artistry with medicine to create beautiful results that satisfy my…

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Getting to Know a Plastic Surgeon Online

Social media has permanently changed the way we interact, socialize, and even do business. As a plastic surgeon in Boston, I value the opportunity to connect with my increasingly diverse, tech-savvy patients in a way that’s convenient for them — which means maintaining a robust online presence. My practice’s active Facebook Page and blog are both wonderful platforms for sharing…

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