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The Celebrity Factor: How A-Listers Influence Plastic Surgery

Austin plastic surgeon shares his take on how celebrities influence plastic surgery.

There is little doubt celebrities influence plastic surgery trends, the same way they do with pop culture fads and fashion. We hear the names of certain stars on almost a daily basis at our Austin plastic surgery practice., an online cosmetic enhancement forum where patients can exchange information and get answers from qualified plastic surgeons, recently gathered data from…

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Interest in Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise

I came across a fascinating article the other day on that found a shift in attitudes about cosmetic surgery. The poll of 2,148 adults saw a heightened interest in cosmetic surgery among consumers. Specifically, the article found a 15 point increase among the number of people who stated that they would choose plastic surgery if money weren’t an issue…

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Environment vs. Genetics: Address the Right Factors

Not all facial signs of aging have the same causes, and not all of these characteristics can be addressed in the same ways. Today, surgeons performing Orange County plastic and cosmetic surgery have a whole repertoire of techniques to enhance the look of the face, but in order to create good results, they still need to be able to assess…

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"Boob Job Bandits" Giving Cosmetic Surgery Patients a Bad Name

Recent media reports have profiled several patients in the US who have received cosmetic surgery under false pretenses, or without paying for it at all. A few women have undergone breast enlargement using fake or stolen ID”s (the so-called “Boob Job Bandits”), and a number of others have received medical spa treatments and then simply left without paying. As a…

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