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Retinoids: Hype or Help for Aging Skin?

Many of my Dallas dermatology patients have heard about topical retinoids in cosmetic magazines or from friends and are interested in learning more about the use of the popular products. Retinoids are very beneficial in treating the cosmetic imperfections that come with aging, particularly in smoothing fine lines and fading dark spots. Retinoids slough off dead skin cells and stimulate new cell…

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5 Common Skincare Mistakes You Should Know

In my years as a dermatologist serving the Tucson area, I’ve noticed the same skincare concerns popping up over and over again among patients. Here are some little mistakes we all make that can add up to significant problems for our skin if we don’t catch them early: Not removing makeup before bed: Mom was right about this one. Keeping your makeup…

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How Important Are Skin Care Products?

How important are products for your skin? If you want your skin to be clear, vibrant, and youthful, the answer is very important. For skin care at my practice in Mississauga, we rely on a variety of treatments. These range from surgery and laser treatments to injectables and medical-grade products, such as the SkinMedica® line we recently began carrying. An important…

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Top 10 Beauty Myths

As a board-certified dermatologist in Houston, part of my job is helping my clients separate fact from fiction when it comes to skin care. Most often, I’ve found that the primary issue is not a lack of information, but an overload of conflicting information. Today we have access to a broad range of statistics, facts, and figures about how to…

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Skin Quality and Facelift Results

At my plastic surgery practice in Lafayette, I perform a large number of facelift surgeries. One thing I always educate my patients about is the benefit of including skin treatments with their facial plastic surgery. The absence of sagging skin is only one component of a youthful complexion. Facelift surgery addresses this redundant, or excess, skin, but it doesn’t improve…

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