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JUVÉDERM®: The Ideal Treatment for Plump, Pretty Lips

Lip enhancement with Juvederm in Vancouver

For my patients interested in lip injections in Vancouver, I recommend an excellent dermal filler called JUVÉDERM. It is made of a substance that naturally occurs in our skin, hyaluronic acid. JUVÉDERM comes in a variety of formulations to meet the lip-plumping needs of all different kinds of patients. As we age, our skin loses elasticity and volume. The lips…

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Homemade Cosmetics: Not Worth the Savings

Are homemade skincare products worth it?

Making your own cosmetic products at home seems like an attractive idea. There are a number of blogs and Pinterest results with recipes that tout DIY or homemade cosmetics as a simple and cost-effective alternative to purchasing products from skincare professionals. However, few of them provide much information about preserving the products, not to mention the time and effort it takes to…

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8 Ways to Wedding Beauty

Liposuction and more treatments for wedding beauty on Long Island.

If you’re planning for your wedding – possibly the single most memorable day of your life – it makes sense that you want everything to be perfect, including your appearance. That’s why many brides and grooms begin well in advance to improve diet and exercise, set dates for manicures and pedicures, or make teeth-whitening and skin-tanning appointments. In my practice,…

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What Are the Best Treatments for Acne & Acne Scars?

Non-surgical treatments to treat stubborn acne in Tuscon, Arizona.

As a dermatologist in Tucson, Arizona, specializing in pediatric services, I’ve treated countless teenagers for moderate to severe acne. Additionally, adult patients come to my practice seeking to reduce the appearance of their own acne, as well as scarring caused by acne from their younger years. Some prescription topical and oral medications get satisfactory results, but acne that’s harder to…

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Are You at Risk for Hair Loss?

La Jolla plastic surgeon discusses hair loss and who may be at risk.

Hair loss can occur at any age and affects both men and women, so it’s worthwhile to know the risk factors involved and what solutions are available if your hair starts to thin. At my La Jolla hair transplant surgery clinic, patients’ hair loss is usually hereditary, but other factors are sometimes involved. The causes of hair loss in men…

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