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Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an excellent option for several different reasons – not just relaxation. At CaloSpa, we tell all of our massage patients in Louisville that they are not only relieving stress; they are benefitting their bodies immensely. While a massage may certainly help to relieve tension, it also has other benefits for your overall health including: Exercises tight or weak…

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Plastic Surgery Recovery — A Healthy Lifestyle Helps

A smooth and uneventful recovery is the goal of every plastic surgery patient (and their surgeon). When patients ask me for tips on how to improve their recovery, I tell them that a healthy lifestyle is the first step. Many of the measures I recommend for an improved recovery apply to general health as well: Stop smoking – Smoking is…

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Is Breast Lift “Permanent”?

As a cosmetic plastic surgeon I’m always on the lookout for techniques that help my Indiana breast lift patients’ results last as long as possible, but the reality is that for a few patients, a breast lift won’t be completely “permanent.” For most of my patients, breast lift surgery results do last for many years, and in many cases they…

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Cigarettes and Surgery: Mutually Exclusive?

After years of ignoring warnings from doctors about lung cancer, emphysema, and heart disease, most smokers are quick to ignore a surgeon”s disclaimer that you need to toss those cigarettes well before your cosmetic surgery. With both health and surgical results at stake, smoking cessation prior to surgery is vitally important. I believe that, if more patients understood the connection…

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