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Rejuvenate Your Health to Match Your Look

It’s no secret among New Orleans plastic surgeons that cosmetic surgery can help to restore a person’s outer beauty and self-confidence. At my practice, we aim to provide professional naturopathic products that are doctor-recommended to treat the inner you. Focusing on your needs to achieve both inner balance and outer beauty is what sets us apart from other practices, and…

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Why Yo-Yo Dieting is a No-No

Many of my Sacramento weight loss patients were yo-yo dieters for years. They dieted, lost weight and gained it all right back. Of course, the weight gain would trigger another crash diet, and the gain-loss cycle would continue. Yo-yo dieting is unhealthy for many reasons, both psychologically and physically. From an emotional perspective, the constant highs and lows from gaining…

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Essential Tips for Optimal Oral Health and Gum Care

As a periodontist in Los Angeles, I find that many of my patients are surprised to learn that their gums are not as healthy as they think. Even individuals who brush their teeth routinely and schedule regular dental cleanings may exhibit early signs of gingivitis, such as redness, swelling, or bleeding of the gums. If left untreated, mild forms of…

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How to Perform a Breast Self-Exam

Visiting a doctor for regular checkups is important, but women can take equally important steps while they’re at home. An example: self-exams for breast cancer. Too few women perform this essential task. I believe that if women understand how simple it is to perform a breast self-exam, they’ll be more likely to add it to their routine. Here’s a step-by-step…

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Dry Eye Syndrome: A Part of Desert Living

Almost every eye doctor in Las Vegas will tell you that dry eye syndrome is one of the most common concerns they treat. The warm, dry and windy climate makes this common condition even more of an issue for Las Vegas area residents. The redness, irritation and discomfort that come from dry eye syndrome actually don’t have to do with…

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