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7 Simple Steps to a Healthy Heart

Advanced signs of aging might require a facelift

February is “American Heart Month,” and it’s an opportunity for people who have had success with weight loss or are still trying to lose those extra pounds to prioritize their goals and make a plan to stay happy and healthy. The American Heart Association has suggested “7 simple steps” that everyone can take to have a healthy heart. Yet these…

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Eat Well, Look Good: What to Put in Your Grocery Cart

Patients at our Austin plastic surgery practice sometimes ask what they can do at home to maintain the results of a surgical procedure or simply to help themselves look young and beautiful. One of the best ways to maintain your beauty — and your health — is to keep your diet balanced. You’ve probably heard about the cosmetic benefits of…

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A Comprehensive Approach to Cancer Care

After years of watching conventional methods of care fail, the doctors at EuroMed in Phoenix advocate for a cancer treatment alternative that is more comprehensive. Instead of just targeting cancer cells, we combine methods to address other related health concerns by, for instance, boosting patients’ immune systems or supporting their livers. Here are some of the complementary care methods that…

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What Is It Like to Get Low-Dose Chemotherapy?

At EuroMed in Phoenix, our doctors use an alternative to traditional chemotherapy called insulin potentiation therapy (IPT). Patients who visit us usually know something about what conventional chemotherapy is like, from the IVs to the nausea. Here’s what it’s like to get the low-dose alternative using insulin. Conventional cancer therapy is hard on the body. The grueling side effects of…

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A Gentler Way to Fight Cancer

Many people don’t know about insulin potentiation therapy (IPT)—a low dose chemotherapy that is effective on a variety of cancers yet has fewer side effects. This innovative treatment works by using one of cancer’s survival methods against it. Cancer cells primarily survive on sugar metabolism. By administering insulin, we initiate a drop in the individual’s blood sugar level. While healthy…

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