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Hair Restoration So Good I Got It Myself

La Jolla plastic surgeon undergoes hair restoration treatment himself.

Many of the patients who come to my La Jolla hair restoration surgery center tell me about what I refer to as their “aha moment.” It’s that point when they realize it’s time to do something about their thinning hair. I empathize because I had just such an epiphany myself. It was an innocent comment from one of my twin…

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Why Do We Lose Our Hair?

La Jolla plastic surgeon talks about why people lose their hair.

Myths persist about hair loss, even in this age of information. There are a number of genetic and environmental reasons why certain people have thinning hair or bald spots, but washing your hair too much isn’t one of them. We thoroughly review the medical histories of patients seeking hair transplants at my San Diego-area practice to figure out the reasons…

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Are You at Risk for Hair Loss?

La Jolla plastic surgeon discusses hair loss and who may be at risk.

Hair loss can occur at any age and affects both men and women, so it’s worthwhile to know the risk factors involved and what solutions are available if your hair starts to thin. At my La Jolla hair transplant surgery clinic, patients’ hair loss is usually hereditary, but other factors are sometimes involved. The causes of hair loss in men…

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4 Tips: Effectively Using the Web for Hair Loss Advice

San Diego plastic surgeon shares what you should know when researching hair loss online.

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, when an increase in stories about the condition is accompanied by a spike in the number of men and women who use online forums to get answers once they decide to take an active role in preventing their own hair loss. Online research is often the first step people take when considering any…

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3 Common Hair Restoration Questions

Even though hair loss is a common condition affecting two-thirds of American men by the time they turn 35, most patients have several questions about hair restoration surgical options when they come in for consultations. Significant advances in hair transplant surgery have occurred in the past decade or so, including the NeoGraft® technique I offer in San Diego. Hair transplant…

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