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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty: How to Decide (Post 2 of 2)

Cosmetic nose surgery typically takes one of two forms: “open” (internal approach) rhinoplasty, or “closed” (external-approach) rhinoplasty. While some surgeons strongly favor one approach over the other, like most rhinoplasty surgeons in Toronto I base the choice of approach on each patient’s specific physical characteristics. Last week, I outlined the advantages of open (external-approach) rhinoplasty (see last week’s post); this…

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Open vs. Closed Rhinoplasty: How to Decide (Post 1 of 2)

Most of my nose surgery patients in Toronto are aware that there are two basic approaches to cosmetic nose surgery: “closed” (internal approach) rhinoplasty, and “open” (external approach) rhinoplasty. However, while most rhinoplasty surgeons will outline the differences between these two approaches, some patients undergo one or the other procedure without understanding why that approach makes sense for their specific…

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Revision Rhinoplasty: Special Concerns

Both primary and revision rhinoplasty patients should be on the lookout for surgeons who demonstrate an exceptional level of skill, but for revision patients this can be particularly important. As a facial plastic surgeon who focuses specifically on revision rhinoplasty procedures in Toronto, I can tell you that while primary and secondary rhinoplasty have the same goals, surgeons who regularly…

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“Why Do I Look Old?” – 3 Questions to Help Identify Causes of Early Facial Aging

Aging is a natural and inevitable process, but sometimes experiences and physical factors can make you look more physically and emotionally worn-out than you really are. Premature facial aging is usually due to a combination of surface-level and structural factors, in many cases requiring medical skin therapy and cosmetic surgery in San Francisco to revive your look. Here are a…

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