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Virtual Rhinoplasty

At my practice, any patient who comes to me for rhinoplasty in Boston is offered the opportunity to have a computer imaging consultation. This gives the patient a chance to see how potential nose shapes will look on their face from all angles. Together, we review these images in great detail and decide which style will look best and create…

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Defining the Nasal Tip: 3 Common Concerns

As a facial plastic surgeon, when I perform rhinoplasty for Toronto patients, I often do quite a bit of work on the nasal tip. The tip of the nose is usually the component of the face that protrudes the farthest forward. As a result, many of my Toronto rhinoplasty patients have developed unfortunate insecurities about the tips of their noses…

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Rhinoplasty on the Decline?

It’s always interesting when I come across information that relates to cosmetic surgery in Lafayette, LA. Just recently, I read an article posted by that says fewer Jewish women are having rhinoplasty because they want to maintain their ethnic identity. This was based on the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ 2011 report that the number of rhinoplasty procedures has…

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Building a Bigger (and Better) Nose

Most people who request rhinoplasty in Maryland want to make their noses smaller. However, patients with “flat” noses often come to my office requesting the opposite. They want to raise the nose and give it a better shape and more definition. There are 2 ways to do this: surgically or non-surgically. At my practice, I offer both options for people…

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A Nose Job That Won’t Change the Look of Your Nose

Most people who undergo rhinoplasty in Seattle are looking to change the shape of their nose. However, there’s a type of nose surgery that keeps the original nose shape intact while improving breathing. This is called septoplasty. The goal of septoplasty is to fix the shape of the septum, which is the cartilage that separates the two nostrils. Sometimes, as…

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