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“Picking” Your Nose

If you are thinking about rhinoplasty in San Diego, you may be wondering, “What makes a ‘good’ nose job?” Knowing what to look for and what to expect is important when making big decision like cosmetic surgery. Here’s my advice: Getting Started A good nose job should enhance a person’s facial features rather than make the nose the focal point.…

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Combining Rhinoplasty and Chin Augmentation

Many Seattle area plastic surgery patients come to me for rhinoplasty feeling that their nose is disproportionate with the rest of their face. But, while reshaping the nose can create better proportion in a patient’s face, it may not result in optimal balance, or it can even create imbalance a patient’s profile. Therefore, I sometimes recommend chin augmentation, or occasionally…

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Why Experience Matters in Rhinoplasty

It may seem obvious to some when I state that rhinoplasty is a very delicate procedure. Any small change can dramatically alter the appearance of your face: take too much away and you may create a disproportionately small nose, change too little and a patient may have to come back for a revision. That”s why when choosing a rhinoplasty surgeon,…

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Insurance and Rhinoplasty

Nose surgery at our New York City or Connecticut practice is performed for cosmetic enhancement, to correct functional problems with the nose, or both. We typically refer to cosmetic nose surgery as rhinoplasty and, because most rhinoplasties are considered elective, they are rarely covered by health insurance. However, for some men and women in New York, rhinoplasty is performed to…

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Facials: Results or Relaxation?

Facials are often associated with the concept of a “spa day” – all relaxation, minimal results. The truth is, while facials certainly can help people relax, they also do a whole lot more – that is, if they”re performed by a qualified professional. What Can They Do? So, what can facials actually do? In general, they improve skin tone and…

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