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5 Tips for Revealing Radiance With Facials

Albany med spa shares 5 tips to getting the most out of your facials.

Our licensed estheticians analyze each patient’s skin to create a customized facial at our Albany medical spa, but it’s also important for people to take active roles in maintaining a healthy skin appearance. Here are 5 tips from our team for effectively incorporating facials into your skincare regimen: Find the right facial for your specific needs with the help of…

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What You Can & Can’t Do After Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery is a popular operation at my Seattle practice because it can provide dramatic changes with relatively little discomfort. Most patients can resume everyday activities several days after surgery, such as wearing eyeglasses or contacts. Although most bruising can be covered by makeup, I do suggest allowing at least 3 weeks before attending an important social function (such as a…

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Refine, Don’t "Replace" Your Ethnic Nose

I’d like to take an in-depth look at some of the specifics of ethnic rhinoplasties which, along with other procedures like upper eyelid surgery, constitute the majority of the “ethnic” San Francisco cosmetic surgery procedures I perform. Why Your Nose Requires a Specific Approach The front of your nose is made of joined sections of cartilage attached to the bone.…

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Do All Rhinoplasty Patients Need Nasal Packing?

Although my rhinoplasty patients in Orange County generally look forward to their procedures, some express concerns about various aspects of the surgery and recovery. One such concern is about having their noses “packed” after surgery, a technique many doctors use to reduce bleeding by inserting gauze into the nasal chambers. The gauze stays in place until it’s removed at a…

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3 Tips for Rhinoplasty Success

Rhinoplasty at our Austin practice is one of the more complex surgeries we perform, partly because each patient’s case is so unique. Surgeons refine their techniques for years to master the many nuances of this complicated procedure. For patients, though, the rhinoplasty process need not be so complex. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose, here are…

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