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Non-surgical Facelift Restores Skin’s Youth

I’m often asked whether there are any no-downtime alternatives to a surgical face lift. My Maryland patients who ask this question typically have no time for the recovery needed following a face lift, but they want the turn-back-the-clock benefits of the procedure. My solution: a non-surgical facelift. Although it’s a temporary solution, a non-surgical face lift many be the answer…

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Combining Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

As men and women begin to notice the effects of gravity and the natural aging process on their faces, they often turn to my practice for information about cosmetic facial surgery. One of the most popular choices is a facelift for Palo Alto area patients, but many people who are just beginning to explore their options don’t know what this…

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The Elements of a Beautiful Face

As a San Jose face lift surgeon, I understand that a beautiful face does not always have to correlate with a youthful face. While smooth and wrinkle-free skin can contribute to a more vibrant appearance, the goal is not necessarily to make the patient look 30 years younger. I seek to create beautiful results by highlighting a patient’s features. When…

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No Time for Downtime? A Soft Lift™ May Be the Solution

Sun exposure, gravity, stress and pollution can all impact your skin. If you’ve considered a face lift in Vancouver but lack the significant downtime for that surgical procedure, it’s important to know about alternatives. For example, I use Soft Lift™ to treat people with multiple signs of aging, who may not have the time or be ready for a surgical…

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The 6 Primary Facelift Surgery Stages

In describing a Colorado facelift procedure to my patients, they seem to understand it more thoroughly when I sum it up in the following 6 stages: Creating the incision. For traditional facelift patients, the incision is made around the ear at the junction of the face and the ear, and at the temporal (sideburn) hairline. Creating a pocket. After the…

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