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A Lasting & Natural-Looking Facelift Option

At my Boston-area cosmetic surgery practice, I specialize in deep-plane, or high-SMAS facelifts. Although this type of facelift is typically more complex than the standard, more superficial facelift, many patients find that the natural-looking, long-lasting results are worth it. During a deep-plane facelift, the deeper levels of facial tissue are repositioned to more aesthetically pleasing locations, creating a truly comprehensive…

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Aging Gracefully: Is Surgery Required?

Men and women considering a face lift at my Houston practice sometimes believe that the surgery is the only option that will address their cosmetic concerns. While that’s true for some people, I think it’s important to remind my patients that there is no single option for facial rejuvenation that will suit everybody. Today, non-surgical injectable treatments can create beautiful,…

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The Foundation of Every Good Facelift

Many of our patients in Austin who want a facelift logically assume that the surgery tightens all the skin of the face. Actually, a facelift addresses the lower two-thirds of the face, and it also includes changes to the skin of the neck, sometimes overlooked as the foundation of good results. Few people realize what an important role the appearance…

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Secondary Facelift: Worth It?

Sometimes at my Chicago practice, I see patients for facelift surgery who actually already had a procedure elsewhere and are unhappy with the results. The need for a secondary facelift procedure, also called a revisionary facelift, isn’t usually due to doctor error or improper postoperative care. It’s often outside circumstances that diminish the results of a facelift. Good candidates for…

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A Facelift Without the Downtime

There’s no doubt that facelift surgery can be life-altering. This extraordinarily popular procedure has seen great advancements in the past few decades, and the results it creates today look more beautiful and natural than ever. Like other people around the country, many of the prospective facelift patients who visit my St. Louis office are concerned with facial aging but don’t…

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