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Facial Implants for a “Face Lift?” Be Cautious

Chin augmentation on the rise in San Francisco.

Facial implants can be extremely useful for certain patients, but I get a little worried when I see some surgeons pushing implants as “age-reversing,” or even as replacements for San Diego face lift procedures – which they certainly are not. Occasionally, facial implants can alleviate select signs of aging, but this just isn’t what they are designed for and it…

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Fighting Wrinkles AND Migraines?

Seattle face lift surgeon explains how the treatment can also help with migraines.

A new study indicates that men and women who suffer from migraines may find lasting relief from the pain while, at the same time, rejuvenating their appearance with a procedure quite similar to a face lift. There are many different theories about the cause of migraines; however, it is well-established that there are distinct trigger points in the forehead, cheek,…

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Is a Facelift Enough for Forehead Lines?

Many prospective facelift patients visit my Seattle-area practice anticipating a comprehensive, whole-face improvement. Although the surgery can yield impressive results, many people don”t realize that a traditional facelift focuses on the lower two-thirds of the face. Because the lower face, including the jaw and chin, are where most people notice the most severe signs of facial aging, a facelift on…

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Why Going Deeper Improves Facelift Results

One of the most common worries among patients interested in facelift surgery is looking too “pulled” or overdone. But recently, a technique called a deep-plane, or high-SMAS facelift, has proven to give my Orange County facelift patients and others across the country results that are more natural-looking and long-lasting than traditional methods. Previously, the standard surgical approach to a facelift…

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The Value of a Light Touch in Facial Surgery

It’s an exciting time to be a plastic surgeon. Technological advances enable us to create beautiful results without using the open surgery techniques of the past that often required longer recovery times and more potential complications. For instance, a patient who comes in for a facelift at my New Jersey practice is often an ideal candidate for endoscopic surgery, which involves tiny…

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