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Face Lift vs. Skin Resurfacing: How They Compare

Some cosmetic surgery centers may advertise skin resurfacing as an acceptable alternative to a Walnut Creek or Danville facelift procedures, but the reality is that these two procedures have very different cosmetic goals. Both procedures are very popular with a wide demographic of patients, so I think it is important to outline how their results are – and are not…

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Face Lift After Weight Loss: What You Need to Know

Before weight loss, most patients are mainly focused on their goals: a slimmer, look, better health, and better quality of life. Afterward, though, many patients will experience some less attractive physical results of their weight loss procedure. The lower belly and the arms are typical problem areas, but for many patients their main concern is their face, which may look…

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Lower or Traditional Face Lift?

You can make better face lift choices if you understand your options. Often, patients who are just starting to look into facial plastic surgery in Toronto will assume that all face lifts work the same way. Both traditional and lower face lift are designed to help you look younger by minimizing the appearance of loose, sagging skin, but they have…

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Less Pain IS Gain: Advantages of "Liquid Facelifts"

Each year, thousands of men and women nationwide choose surgical facelifts to achieve a younger and revitalized appearance. But for those who aren”t quite ready for facial surgery, there”s an exciting new option that utilizes the latest injectable fillers: the “liquid facelift.” This treatment has been receiving a lot of positive press recently, and a number of my patients have…

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Surgical vs. Liquid Facelift: Know the Difference

With the economy so tight, a lot of surgeons and patients are focusing on “injectable” facelift procedures as an effective substitute for the traditional approach. I offer both types of Seattle facelift options from my plastic surgery offices in Washington and Southern Alaska, so I understand the benefits of each. At the same time, though, I have seen an increasing…

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