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Focusing on What You Want

At my practice in Toronto, cosmetic surgery patients always meet with me personally to discuss their goals. What concerns me is how frequently a patient makes a comment such as, “Well, my husband thinks I should have a tummy tuck,” or “My best friend had a face lift, and she looks great, so I want one too.” My concern: these…

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Exploring the Art of Permanent Makeup

You’ve probably heard about permanent makeup – but do you know what it really is? To start, permanent makeup is a procedure that implants color into the skin. During the treatment, the color will be implanted into both the inner (dermis) and outer (epidermis) layer of skin, and it will look darker than normal. As your skin heals, the epidermis…

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Plastic Surgery Recovery — A Healthy Lifestyle Helps

A smooth and uneventful recovery is the goal of every plastic surgery patient (and their surgeon). When patients ask me for tips on how to improve their recovery, I tell them that a healthy lifestyle is the first step. Many of the measures I recommend for an improved recovery apply to general health as well: Stop smoking – Smoking is…

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What to Expect During Your Consultation

There’s no denying that your cosmetic surgery consultation is one of the most important aspects of your plastic surgery experience. Here are some steps you can take for a smooth and informative consultation. Before your consultation, prepare procedure-specific questions for the surgeon. Do not be afraid to ask questions. This is a time for you to learn, and if your…

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“Didn’t I See You on TV?”

If you watch the news regularly, you’ve no doubt seen me on San Diego 6 talking about everything from plastic surgery trends in Hollywood to the dangers of makeup bags. While a few people might argue that some plastic surgeons in San Diego use media outlets as a way to inflate their own image, for me, making television appearances is…

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