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Lip Lowering vs. Jaw Surgery for Gummy Smile

If you have a gummy smile, chances are, you have considered trying to have it corrected. Although gummy smiles, where the upper lip exposes too much of the gum, are caused by natural genetic variations, many men and women feel self conscious about their appearance and will hold back their smiles or won’t smile as often. Being able to express…

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The Truth about Tattoo Removal

There’s good news for individuals interested in tattoo removal at my Boston area cosmetic surgery practice: laser procedures available today are more effective and more comfortable than previous techniques. Whereas, in the past, individuals hoping to erase these “youthful indiscretions” were limited to invasive techniques such as dermabrasion, cryosurgery, or skin excision, effective tattoo removal is now possible with a…

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Do You Know Your Plastic Surgeon?

Choosing a plastic surgeon near Walnut Creek and other areas of Northern California is an important decision that requires thoughtful consideration. If you are considering plastic surgery and want to make sure you select a qualified plastic surgeon, use this checklist: Is the surgeon board certified? Did you know that in many states, a physician who holds a medical license…

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When to Turn to Cosmetic Surgery

A common question I get asked by my Idaho dermatology and patients interested in cosmetic surgery in Spokane is when they should stop considering seeing a skin care specialist and consider cosmetic surgery instead for their anti-aging needs. There is no one specific age a person reaches when they should start considering cosmetic surgery, but rather, certain characteristics may prompt…

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Great Expectations?

Before undergoing cosmetic surgery in Houston, it’s important to establish clear expectations for your surgery with your plastic surgeon. Use your consultation to discuss the results you expect to achieve, as well as your aesthetic goals. When performed correctly, plastic surgery should provide subtle, natural results – not drastically change your appearance. Here are my tips for making the most…

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