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Austin Beauty Awards

At our Austin plastic surgery practice, we offer a variety of services, including surgery for the face, breast and body as well as medical-spa options for facial rejuvenation. While each treatment has its own benefits, we would like to recognize 3 procedures that are often requested at our office. These procedures have very high satisfaction rates, and my patients are…

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Patients Can Aid Their own Recovery After Breast Augmentation

Much of what determines the results for a patient undergoing breast augmentation in Phoenix happens during the preoperative planning stage and the actual surgery. However, how patients take care of their breasts after surgery has a significant effect on their results as well. In my opinion, breast massage after plastic surgery in Phoenix can help maintain an adequate pocket size…

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Is the Nose "Broken" During Rhinoplasty?

One of the most common concerns about rhinoplasty in NYC is whether or not the nose is “broken” during surgery. This procedure is hard to explain, since the answer is both yes and no. Some people, but not all, will need to have their noses reshaped with a surgical bone-sculpting instrument called an osteotome. This tool looks like a fine…

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Unveiling Eyelid Surgery

Have you ever heard the term blepharoplasty used by Denver women and men? You may or may not be familiar with what this term means, and what the procedure can do to improve your overall appearance. Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is a surgical procedure frequently performed in our office.  This procedure is designed to enhance and rejuvenate the…

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Understanding the Duodenal Switch Procedure

You may have never heard of the duodenal switch procedure, let alone the laparoscopic duodenal switch surgery. That’s because few bariatric surgeons offer the procedure since it is arguably the most complex weight loss surgery and requires extra, specialized training. Despite its relative rarity, the duodenal switch procedure is highly effective at helping morbidly obese people achieve a healthy and…

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